Time Poor Meals


Here is a list of some time-poor meal options that help you still eat for optimum health.

Cup of Bone broth Soup – Simmer bone broth with some vegetables, and any leftover meats for a quick and nutritious meal. Either make your own bone broth (in the slow cooker whilst at work, or you can buy ones that are free from additives and preservatives at your local whole food cafes or shops)

Real food bowl – This is so quick and easy, and the kids love it! Cook some quinoa, poach a few eggs, cut up some raw vegetables (Grate carrot/beetroot, slice cucumbers/avocado/cherry tomatoes) have some kimchi or sauerkraut on top with some crushed nuts (almonds or seeds). If you wanted to add leftover meat you could also, but it’s also great as a breakfast salad with nitrate free bacon.

Sweet Potato ‘hash browns’ – grate a few sweet potatoes, bind with egg, and some almond meal, and then pan fry each side until cooked. Serve with a salad, egg, or even as a side with a piece of meat.

Avocado & Sardines – It’s as easy as that! Get a tin of (sustainable) sardines, and mash them together with an avocado, lemon, and some herbs. This is an extra quick meal and the fat from the avocado & Sardines, should fill you up.