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April 30, 2015

I found Belinda from The organic cook website after visiting my naturopath
who prescribed me a strict paleo grain free diet which included nothing to be eaten from a can – even diced tomatoes. I have been suffering from severe food allergies, IBS and gut absorption and digestive issues for over 7 years after working in a stressful corporate office job. I found eating such a
restrictive diet very time consuming and boring. Coming up with a menu that is full of variety for the whole family was difficult. The organic cook has helped us immensely in this area in giving me fun, tasty and yummy food that is good for me. And it is so conveniently available – right in my own fridge!
Since eating the food now for 4 months, my health conditions have improved significantly and I’m learning to make smarter food choices when out. Belinda has been educating me along the way and is a font of knowledge of nutrition and organic foods. She is fantastic with creating fabulously yummy
menus with very restrcted ingredients. I highly recommend her service if you have challenging eating restrictions or just need help with family meals.

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