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April 30, 2015

I have candidiasis and am on the paleo diet to control the same. I am quite happy to be on the paleo diet, except that I only had a handful of recipes and was losing appetite due to lack of variety in the meat and vegetables that I prepared. I found the Organic Cook website on google, and was very interested to learn about the Food Consultation product. This involves menu planning and recipe development for special dietary requirements and food allergies. I decided to get in touch with Belinda Randell, and with her experience and skill of dealing with people with conditions similar to mine, she was able to give me a treasure of information, references, tips and suggestions that made an immediate impact and my plate is definitely looking more interesting thanks to her. It also helped to get in touch with her, as no matter how isolated my circumstances are, she was able to help me out and I would highly recommend this product to anybody struggling with a special diet. The resources are available, make use of them and be liberated!

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