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Sarah Paykel

April 30, 2015

Hi Belinda
All the meals are great!
Also, I wanted to say to you how lovely it is to have Sue looking after us. Not only because she is an excellent cook, but because she is such a nice person. When she was here on Monday, our delivery of groceries arrived from Woolworths. I had a sleep in the afternoon while Sue finished up the cooking and when I came downstairs after Sue had left, I found that she had unpacked all of the perishables and put them neatly away for us. And she’d emptied our kitchen bin and put a new bin liner in place. So kind! I really do appreciate all of those little gestures, especially when I have such limited energy at the moment.

So thanks again to you and Sue for a lovely service. It really has been a life saver! I have a blog at the moment, to tell my family and friends where I am up to, and as a reference for other women in the same position as me, and I have added The Organic Cook as what you need when you get home: watermelonheartsblog

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