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Louise and James Manning

April 30, 2015

Initially we employed the services of The Organic Cook as a ‘back-up’ to keep healthy food at hand as an alternative to take away if we were home late.

Belinda has just come to our place for a second time and I am now eating the meals for lunch and dinner most days. Having struggled with weight and eating disorders most of my life, I feel better mentally and emotionally knowing I am putting the very best food and nutrients into my body. Physically I have more energy and wake up feeling light and energised, where I used to wake up feeling sluggish and tired. One of the things I have really noticed is that I am no longer looking for food all day. As I was eating a poor diet full of processed foods I was overeating and never satisfied. Since having Belinda’s meals and switching to organic products, I genuinely need to eat less food, yet I’m more satisfied. My husband and I are trying to conceive our first baby and it’s reassuring to know we are nourishing ourselves with the right food and nutrients at this early stage.

Having someone like Belinda in the house is always a pleasure. She’s great to chat to but I can also leave her alone to work her magic and come back to an abundance of meals and a pristine kitchen. The Organic Cook is a service I am truly grateful to have stumbled across.

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