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October 13, 2015

My husband and I run our own business, work long hours including weekends and also have a son with food intolerances, finding Belinda, was a way to ensure that we always had a healthy nutritious meal on the table every night, no matter how hectic our day was. Patricia (our cook) was lovely and very accommodating to our likes & dislikes and helped us plan our meals accordingly. Where as before it would be a whirlwind of confusion and panic trying to get something on the table because my last meeting run late and what I had planed to cook, would not be ready in time, with a hungry child saying “I’m staving when is dinner ready.” To be able to come home at night and spend time with my son, helping him with his homework and being able to chat to him about his day has been priceless.

I would definitely recommend Belinda and The Organic Cook to anyone who is time poor and needing help with healthy nutritious meals.

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