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Dorian and Dean Redman

June 8, 2016

Life events seem to take over when you least expect them. That is what happened to us just over 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I was given 7 months and this news was devastating to hear. As a family, we turned to a number of people for support and over the years, we have radically changed a number of things in our lives to beat the cancer and to make the family unit even stronger.

One of the areas we focused on was our nutrition. I have to say that we ate well, especially over the last 10 years. I was a professional athlete at one stage, so I have always had a relatively good diet. Although, as time passes, you learn more and more about the types of foods one should be eating and the vast quantity of pesticides and hormones current farming practice utilises. The big question for us was: “How do we make our diet even better?”

Eating organic food, as far as possible, given the costs, is one of the factors that will make a big difference in our lives. This is where Belinda comes in. Wow, how wonderful to have someone dedicated to the art of cooking who also cherishes fresh organic food.

With a young daughter, daily priorities, together with me being on strong chemo, we realised we didn’t have enough time to focus on cooking. We needed help to ensure the food journey continued. Belinda was the answer and we were able to work on a menu plan together, taking advice from her, given the tremendous knowledge that she has, as well as the need to have a happy family at the dinner table.

The whole process was very simple and on the day that Belinda came through, it was like we had a friend come over and visit who knew how to cook fabulous food. There was no fuss and it seemed as though everything simply flowed effortlessly as Belinda went from one dish to the next. The result was impressive and the food was well balanced and simply awesome.

We would recommend Belinda to everyone!

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