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Claude Morello

April 30, 2015

Love your work Belinda, along with our personal trainer, it’s been another life-changing experience.

Isn’t it funny that society spends it’s money on cars, house and other expensive goods before we even consider spending money on our health – the one thing that we take to our death-bed.

Since the personal training kicked in, Maryanne and I have felt amazing…it really has been a huge improvement in our physical, mental and emotional well-being – even our kids our learning exercise is a part of life. So we decided we’d prioritise our available income (I say that very cautiously as there’s not much of it) and spend our money on our health before spending it on anything else such as clothes, cars, expensive holidays etc etc.

Having done that and seeing such immediate life-changing results, we just can’t understand how society in general doesn’t prioritise their health in their day-to-day life.

So just like our exercise was lacking in discipline before the trainer, so was our diet…we aimed to eat healthy but invariably didn’t – and for all the obvious cliched reasons such as ‘no time’, ‘kids’ etc etc. In fact, the real issue is that we are not cooks, nor are we professional sports people so we figured we needed help in these areas from professionals – exact same concept as taking the car to a mechanic for a service.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t ramble any longer…suffice to say it’s been exciting finding you. When I’m at work and 3:00pm rolls around, I start to daydream of my delicious dinner waiting for me…it’s food for the soul.

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