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April 30, 2015

We welcomed Belinda into our home to share some of her light, love and passion for not only organic, but healthy, wholesome & healing cooking. Belinda arrived with the most amazing box of fresh, colourful & gorgeous ingredients imaginable. The perfect start to what what a fun & inspiring cooking adventure! We learnt so much about the benefits of buying organic produce, what to look for & where to buy them. The healing benefits of plant foods, fresh spices & also things to avoid, and how to eat energy dense foods. The recipes we learnt were not only delicious but very simple to follow, which made it even more enticing to adapt these new eating habits into our life. My main aim for inviting Belinda into our kitchen was to open up my parents eyes and hearts to how important, simple and enjoyable organic whole foods can be. Belinda not only met my expectations, she exceeded them. I am forever grateful for her guidance and inspiration which will ensure our family live a long and healthy life.

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