Real (whole) Foods

I’m so excited to get the blog up and running, and to be able to share my thoughts and views with you. I hope you find it insightful, and I welcome all thoughts and ideas. If you want to hear about a particular topic, please let me know.

I wanted to start the blog off with a post on organic real whole foods, and why it is so important for your health to be eating them. Firstly, wholefoods mostly are non-processed, or have taken minimal processing to be produced, i.e.: coconut oil (extra virgin coconut oil). Most importantly, they don’t include additives, or preservatives.  Try and think pure food as close to its natural state!

Eating foods that are considered real foods increases your body’s ability to process all the nutrients without any difficulties of it also processing additives, preservatives, and other nasties. Eating for optimum health is my main goal.

So what foods are real whole foods? Eating fruits and vegetables, nuts, animal products like eggs, meat (not processed) and also non-homogenized dairy. It can also include beans and grains if your body is able to process these foods.

I have a few menu plans online that help you start planning meals around eating and cooking wholefoods, so click here to check them out.