Preparing for Spring – body and mind

morning yoga practiceHaving a peaceful mind can help with your detoxing in early spring, leading to a less stressed and harmonious you. Taking part in relaxing exercise is really important for your health and wellbeing. Doing a few yoga poses or just meditating for 5mins each morning before you start the day, is a great way to bring peace and also calm to your life.

There are lots of pictures on Pinterest that include a simple 5min stretch or warm up for Yoga, and even tips for meditation.

Another great thing for spring is dry body brushing. Has anyone tried this? Dry body brushing is a great way to release shed dead skin cells, and promote new skin renewal, it also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and can help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage by releasing toxins – which helps the body to run more effectively (hence why it’s great to do whilst you’re doing a detox). Dry body brushing can also help distribute fat deposits, and help with muscle tone (are we seeing why this is great coming up into summer? Get those bodies ready for the hotter weather). It is also best done in the morning shower, and takes around 5mins. What a great way to start the day!