Postnatal meals for new mammas and babies

Are you a new mum with a beautiful newborn?

Need some help in the kitchen so you can concentrate on adjusting to being a new mamma and breastfeeding?

We can nourish you with delicious organic meals for those first few weeks to help you get the best nutrients for you and your baby.
These foods will provide building blocks to optimal health and strong immunity for your baby for years to come and also give you the new mamma energy and nutrition to keep you going in your new role!

Our meals are designed on postnatal nutritional requirements and lovingly prepared in your home by one of our nutritional cooks.
We buy everything fresh for you on the day then cook and pack everything in your home so you can use at your convenience.

We have been servicing Sydney for 4 years specializing in organic and whole food lunches and dinners for families and professionals.

We offer weekly and fortnightly chef packages

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