Our philosophy and cooking style

The Ingredients

Our kitchen uses certified organic produce from Rita’s Farm and certified organic chicken from Inglewood chickens.

We believe in the values and farming practices of both these suppliers and support their ongoing commitment to animal welfare and holistic farming practices.

We use cold pressed oils; extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and occasionally ghee. We cook on a lower heat so the fats are kept stable at all times.

We are dedicated to gluten and dairy free cooking for optimum health and use the principles of the blue zone diet, plant paradox and an ancestral diet.

What makes our food so special?

We soak all legumes for 12 hours (overnight) and then pressure cook them to remove 80% of lectins and phytates.

No refined sugars at all in our food. (not even maple syrup which is high carbohydrate)

We believe in a low carbohydrate way of eating with safe starches and the inclusion of a variety of seasonal and plentiful vegetables.

Our food is designed for people that take their health seriously. We sure do and can offer you the highest quality meal delivery service in the Sydney market.