Belinda Randell, a Real Food Doctor!

belinda randell the food doctor preping organic foodWhy is Belinda dubbed the "Food Doctor"?

Belinda Randell is the Founder of The Organic Cook she is a qualified chef and started vegan cooking in Toronto Canada  when she was 24, it was by accident and after successful career in the music and entertainment industry. She instantly loved the fast pace and dynamic kitchen environment. Upon returning to Australia she worked in Byron Bay, cooking for caterers and started to study a BA in Naturopathy at Southern Cross University. After 2 years she became disillusioned with the limited whole food nutrition she was learning and embarked on a big journey to learn about food as medicine. She was greatly inspired by doctor Paul Pitchford's book, Healing with Wholefoods.

When she was 30, her father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and passed away within a few months. Working with the medical team, she helped create recipes to support him during chemotherapy and radiation. After this life changing experience, she started getting referrals from doctors and cancer practitioners. She went onto to start The Organic Cook and became so busy with cooking for clients she left her job.

After her daughter was born, Belinda was diagnosed with Endometriosis, and her daughter with Psoriasis encouraging her to develop an anti-inflammatory diet tailored to tackle autoimmune diseases.
As they say the rest is history she loves her work and sees it as a cooking therapy journey supporting her clients on the way. Some of her clients and the practitioners she was working with started to call her the "food doctor"! Regardless of her qualifications Belinda simply loves to work with busy families and see the kids grow healthy.

In addition, Belinda is a certified Health Coach, having gained her credentials from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York (US) and holds a Certificate in Nutrition from Beck Health in Sydney. She has completed 2 years of a naturopathic degree from Southern Cross University in Lismore and undergone extensive training at the Ian Gawler Foundation.

Belinda also studies meditation and has a teaching certificate. Her passion, alongside cooking is living the best lifestyle she can with organic food and a positive mindset!

She has serviced over 100's clients in the last 10 years as a professional personal chef, working for high profile clients celebrities and  everyday busy families. 

Belinda has also appeared in the media and spoken at events. She will be opening up cooking workshops in 2020 to share her knowledge and is working on a book. 

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