Food Academy

The Organic Cook Food Academy

People only want the best for their families and that often begins with food. Keeping everyone happy and making sure the food is healthy as well as tasty is no easy task!

The cooking shows on TV makes it look so easy. But the reality is different. Life is often crazy busy ….and there’s a fussy eater in the family.

I know! I’m a mum with 2 teenagers, a toddler and a business. I understand first-hand what happens when you try to juggle the 100 balls in the air at the same time. You often end up rundown and undernourished! My own health journey taught me the importance of home cooking and treating food as a tonic!

I also learned the importance of being well-organised and learning key things about food and meal preparation. Just by keeping it simple and fuss-free you’ll feel the benefits immediately.

Dive into the Food Academy’s recipes, meal plans and food hints. There’s a lot here to help you.

Get your health back on track, get your kids eating their meals and find sometime for YOU. Time to relax, exercise and enjoy life.