Fertility Foods

Fertility Foods I know I have spoken about this recently on Facebook about what foods are great for fertility, but I wanted to share some other points on eating for fertility.

Here are some top foods for eating for fertility;

Leafy Greens – Leafy Greens are amazing for you no matter what stage in life you’re at. They are full of Iron, B6, and Vitamin E, not to mention fibre!

Salmon – Being high in Omega 3 fatty acids, this little wonder is great for increasing fertility! Salmon helps to increase blood circulation, and even reduce stress. It could even help with your hormones.

Nuts – Almonds are an easy snack or food to get your vitamin E from. Vitamin E can help with your eggs, and it’s also really important for your partner to be eating almonds to increase their sperm health also.

Avocado – Avocado really is a superfood, it is high in folic acid, and type B vitamins which help boost fertility in both male and females. The monounsaturated fat is also thought to help control hormones.

Eggs – Eggs are high in b12, protein, folate and vitamin D, and play an important role in fertility. A Yale university study showed that sterile women typically experience a vitamin D shortage.

Try and incorporate these real foods into your diet to maximize your fertility chances. We can help with menu planning if you get stuck or have dietary requirements and are struggling to know what to eat.