Eating clean food = Self-Respect

aq9a0171I was at the Frenchs Forest Organic Farmers Markets with my family on the weekend and went past a new store I hadn’t’ seen before. It sold homemade fermented food products and Kombucha and on the store sign it said ‘Eating well is a form of self-respect’. It really grabbed my attention as this is my constant mantra and for 20 years I have been eating and cooking organic real foods for myself and my family. Through stages of sickness and my father dying I became aware of this eating well to nourish and care for myself and see food as my medicine not a drug to make me emotionally feel better (for a short time we know this) When I’m stressed or low on energy its easy to grab something sweet even if it’s raw chocolate (considered a health food)  it has a component of caffeine and sugar. I encourage you to practice this mindfulness when putting anything in your mouth and thinking is this self -respect or just a quick fill for an unmet need or food craving. I have personally been dealing with heath issues since my daughter was born 4 years ago and had to step it up a notch and be completely gluten/dairy and sugar free, sure I miss chewy sourdough but the ramifications and flare ups are just not worth it. Having worked as a food as medicine organic chef for 9 years for clients with very complicated health issues I now have first hand experience myself and know that the 80/20 rule is just not good enough the self-respect has to eating clean 7 days a week for me to have good health and thrive in this busy world.