Batch Cooking

Batch cooking pressure cooker
Pressure cooker – batch cooking

Batch Cooking – What is it? Batch cooking is when you prepare several meals at once, for later consumption. We prepare all our plans via the batch cooking method, and it’s an easy way for you prepare a weeks’ worth of meals in 1 day. I love to be able to spend a day batch cooking meals for the week, especially when I know that I have a busy week coming up, or am out every night so am time poor.

It’s also great to batch cook your lunches for the week, so you know that you are eating well at work, and won’t get tempted by the deep fried food, or unhealthy salads covered in mayonnaise at your local café or deli.

I recommend choosing at least 4 dishes that can cook whilst you’re preparing the other one. I also find that if you cut up and prepare all your vegetables, and meats before you actually start the cooking process, this will make it run allot more smoothly, and you can then focus your attention on each dish, and not be cutting frantically whilst cooking.