After been diagnosed with Glandular Fever and having no energy to cook, let alone do grocery shopping, I was so grateful I found your website and the best part organic wholesome food. Your concept and  menu  choices is great and knowing I could feed my family and myself a nutritious meal was a life savior.

It’s people like you that make staying healthy easier . Your food is delicious and there is nothing nicer than knowing your fridge is packed with nutricius meals ready to serve.

Thank you again 


Life events seem to take over when you least expect them. That is what happened to us just over 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I was given 7 months and this news was devastating to hear. As a family, we turned to a number of people for support and over the years, we have radically changed a number of things in our lives to beat the cancer and to make the family unit even stronger.

One of the areas we focused on was our nutrition. I have to say that we ate well, especially over the last 10 years. I was a professional athlete at one stage, so I have always had a relatively good diet. Although, as time passes, you learn more and more about the types of foods one should be eating and the vast quantity of pesticides and hormones current farming practice utilises. The big question for us was: “How do we make our diet even better?”

Eating organic food, as far as possible, given the costs, is one of the factors that will make a big difference in our lives. This is where Belinda comes in. Wow, how wonderful to have someone dedicated to the art of cooking who also cherishes fresh organic food.

With a young daughter, daily priorities, together with me being on strong chemo, we realised we didn’t have enough time to focus on cooking. We needed help to ensure the food journey continued. Belinda was the answer and we were able to work on a menu plan together, taking advice from her, given the tremendous knowledge that she has, as well as the need to have a happy family at the dinner table.

The whole process was very simple and on the day that Belinda came through, it was like we had a friend come over and visit who knew how to cook fabulous food. There was no fuss and it seemed as though everything simply flowed effortlessly as Belinda went from one dish to the next. The result was impressive and the food was well balanced and simply awesome.

We would recommend Belinda to everyone!


Just a note to thank you for your friendly service & excellent program you offer. Initially, I called you as a gift for my husband to come over & revamp his meal plan, but we got so much more than that.

You not only provided us with several meals for the week, but also a world of food knowledge. your passion for living a healthy lifestyle has helped change our perception on food & how we use it.

With a three month old baby and busy schedules, my husband and I are time poor & often don’t have time to make healthy meals, and as I’m on maternity leave, we also try to be as thrifty as possible.

Many cooking classes or meal services we have used before require loads of time or fancy equipment – or aren’t fresh & are low quality. But not yours.

The recipes you made are simple to recreate, don’t require loads of equipment, and use less expensive cuts of meat & produce, making them feasible & achievable options. We have actually incorporated each recipe into our weekly rotation already. They’re so flavourful & delicious!

While here, You also recommended other recipes, ingredients & methodologies that would benefit our lifestyle – for example, foods to support my breastfeeding. And we are now obsessed with turmeric, which I’d never used before.

For anyone stuck in a food rut, or wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I cannot recommend the organic cook, highly enough. You are a great person & so passionate about what you do. we got so much more than expected from our private lesson. Thank you – we can’t wait to try more recipes from the organic cook.


It was such a blessing to have our fridge stocked with The Organic Cook’s healthy delicious meals. After moving to Sydney with a new baby we were very grateful to be able to enjoy nourishing dinners each night despite the chaos around us. Belinda was able to customize the menu to suit our specific requirements and it was also a pleasure to have her in our home each time she came to cook.


Being a new mother to my beautiful boy and a stepmom to a teenager I knew I would not have time to prepare the dinners on a daily basis. I was thrilled to find the organic cook. I not only wanted to feed my family healthy food but being organic was an extra bonus. Dealing with Belinda has been a pleasure and the process so easy.I was surprised to discover that each portion was very generous in size and each meal was cooked with care, deliciousness and love. Chef Patricia’s meals are amazing! I would highly recommend The Organic Cook personal chef services to anyone looking for healthy clean yummy meals to feed their family.


My husband and I run our own business, work long hours including weekends and also have a son with food intolerances, finding Belinda, was a way to ensure that we always had a healthy nutritious meal on the table every night, no matter how hectic our day was. Patricia (our cook) was lovely and very accommodating to our likes & dislikes and helped us plan our meals accordingly. Where as before it would be a whirlwind of confusion and panic trying to get something on the table because my last meeting run late and what I had planed to cook, would not be ready in time, with a hungry child saying “I’m staving when is dinner ready.” To be able to come home at night and spend time with my son, helping him with his homework and being able to chat to him about his day has been priceless.

I would definitely recommend Belinda and The Organic Cook to anyone who is time poor and needing help with healthy nutritious meals.


Belinda really delivered on all fronts for our business retreat. I never had to follow up on any communication and it really took a load off my mind working with her. As for the food, not only was it delicious and exactly what we asked for, but she was flexible with last minute taste preferences and even worked around our requirements when it came to camera crew etc. Not only am I having her company on board for our events in the future but I will also be recommending “The Organic Cook” to anyone who needs a personal chef service and wants to be delighted by the process. Thank-you so much!

Create Launch Scale Live, Sydney  

Finding Belinda is the result of 5 years of searching and trying various home delivered fresh and frozen services. Belinda is an incredible cook, but what makes her really special for us is that her food is in equal measure delicious and healthy. It’s relatively easy to find food that is yummy because there are lashings of butter and salt etc, but it is very special to have delicious food cooked in your kitchen by someone that is driven to deliver health and taste. Love the days when we get home and there is a fridge full of meals and homemade smells through the entire house.
We’ve never eaten so well and already starting to feel like we’ve all become that bit healthier, and certainly have more time and energy.


Even before I started a conversation with Belinda, requiring guest speakers to present at a conference in agriculture and food related health and vitality, I had an instant sense that I would discover a person that would bring intelligence, integrity, thoughtfulness, passion, compassion, knowledge and experience but not least personal interest and dedication into translating food as health and its role in the organic agriculture industry. She did not let me down and I recommend her as a guest speaker for her genuine nature and wealth of knowledge and experience in the organic food industry in Australia.

Organic Agriculture Association 

Love your work Belinda, along with our personal trainer, it’s been another life-changing experience.

Isn’t it funny that society spends it’s money on cars, house and other expensive goods before we even consider spending money on our health – the one thing that we take to our death-bed.

Since the personal training kicked in, Maryanne and I have felt amazing…it really has been a huge improvement in our physical, mental and emotional well-being – even our kids our learning exercise is a part of life. So we decided we’d prioritise our available income (I say that very cautiously as there’s not much of it) and spend our money on our health before spending it on anything else such as clothes, cars, expensive holidays etc etc.

Having done that and seeing such immediate life-changing results, we just can’t understand how society in general doesn’t prioritise their health in their day-to-day life.

So just like our exercise was lacking in discipline before the trainer, so was our diet…we aimed to eat healthy but invariably didn’t – and for all the obvious cliched reasons such as ‘no time’, ‘kids’ etc etc. In fact, the real issue is that we are not cooks, nor are we professional sports people so we figured we needed help in these areas from professionals – exact same concept as taking the car to a mechanic for a service.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t ramble any longer…suffice to say it’s been exciting finding you. When I’m at work and 3:00pm rolls around, I start to daydream of my delicious dinner waiting for me…it’s food for the soul.

Father of 4, Sydney 

I had my first baby in April last year and I found myself spending hours upon hours feeding, settling and cleaning up after a reflux-colic baby. I do not enjoy cooking so I definitely didn’t have the time or motivation to start preparing dinner at 8pm for my husband and I.
I found Belinda and The Organic Cook while researching home catering and loved that Belinda was able to offer a post natal home cooking service. She would prepare a suitable menu (working with my tastes and the diet I was on whilst breastfeeding), shop for the ingredients and cook all meals in my home. They were all packaged up and put in the freezer ready to be heated each night.

To begin with I expected to book Belinda for a couple of cooking days and once I was settled into motherhood and back in control I would be able to prepare our meals again. But having ‘Belinda Meals’ (as my husband and I call them) ready to go each night saves my family time, allows me to spend more time with my daughter during the day and gives us a variety of healthy meals to enjoy without me having to slave away in the kitchen.

My Husband even claims he is a good cook when it is his turn to heat up our dinner!
Belinda makes the whole experience easy and is now a regular visitor in my home. We have a chat about ‘mummy things’ and ‘work things’ and she really shows an interest in my family. She creates new menus with each visit and treats my kitchen as she would her own – leaving it clean and tidy and looking after my cooking instruments.

I would definitely recommend Belinda and The Organic Cook to anyone who is time poor, needing help with diet and nutrition or just doesn’t enjoy cooking themselves.

‘New mum who doesn’t enjoy cooking' 

I first discovered Belinda from The Organic Cook earlier this year when my wife was pregnant with our secound baby boy I wanted to give her a break from cooking during this stressful period and also ensure we were eating nutritious food to ensure a healthy baby. I also confess, I find cooking a chore.

It’s now September and we have had our baby and Belinda is still here cooking up a storm for us! She has been an important part of our families health and well being for 9 months now and I have worked we save on average 6 hours a week sourcing, cooking and cleaning using her….this precious time with a young family…and I see the cost as a small investment with a big return for my family.

Initially it felt like a luxury having a private chef however my wife and I have more time with our boys and each other and are healthier than ever before.

Belinda thanks for the difference you make to us and I’m sure other busy executive couples could get some real value from you and your team.

CEO  BBRC Property

Hi Belinda
All the meals are great!
Also, I wanted to say to you how lovely it is to have Sue looking after us. Not only because she is an excellent cook, but because she is such a nice person. When she was here on Monday, our delivery of groceries arrived from Woolworths. I had a sleep in the afternoon while Sue finished up the cooking and when I came downstairs after Sue had left, I found that she had unpacked all of the perishables and put them neatly away for us. And she’d emptied our kitchen bin and put a new bin liner in place. So kind! I really do appreciate all of those little gestures, especially when I have such limited energy at the moment.

So thanks again to you and Sue for a lovely service. It really has been a life saver! I have a blog at the moment, to tell my family and friends where I am up to, and as a reference for other women in the same position as me, and I have added The Organic Cook as what you need when you get home: watermelonheartsblog


My dealings with The Organic Cook company, including Belinda and Lucia have been professional and inspiring. I am a very healthy person and wished to share my passion with a group of women over the course of a weekend. I called Belinda and we spoke at length about food, health, wellbeing and a variety of topics related to nutrition. I had a regimented detox plan for my women and Belinda understood and recommended direction and assistance. She prescribed an incredible cook, Lucia who stayed onsite feeding us for the weekend from a customised menu plan we had developed together.Everything was sourced from high quality organic suppliers and cooked onsite, prepared to the utmost perfection and detail. Every guest left satiated and furthermore, wanting all the recipes to take home with them.

I plan to use The Organic Cook on a regular basis as I found the meals second to none. I am yet to find another company like it that is able to meet my needs. Fantastic, generous and thorough service. I highly recommend The Organic Cook.


Belinda came to my home and demonstrated that even the healthiest of foods can be extremely yummy. After my father was diagnosed with cancer I wanted to try and help in any way I could. Belinda helped me prepare some amazing dishes for him and helped to get him eating again. She has also left me with different ingredients and recipes which can be used to treat various symptoms that are common to cancer and chemotherapy (fatigue, nausea etc). My wife and I are now cooking much healthier meals for ourselves and our three daughters. We’re really glad we found Belinda.


Belinda was such a pleasure to have in our home. My daughter and I discovered so many healthy cooking tips, as well as a tailored program to suit my busy lifestyle and our family’s diverse nutritional needs.
We loved all the food and menu ideas. I think it was also a great and relaxing bonding activity for my daughter and I to do together – she was able to participate and help with the cooking, learn about the importance of good nutrition, and be part of creating the family dinner, which she really enjoyed.


Having a family with many food intolerances and having read many books and cookbooks to try and deal with all, Belinda came over and helped me put all the pieces together. Her shopping and cooking tips are very helpful and I really enjoyed our cooking workshop. She made me realise cooking for our family can actually be pretty simple and delicious with a bit of planning and batch cooking. I would definitely recommend getting Belinda over for a private cooking workshop if if your interested in invigorating your cooking and are overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice on diets and nutrition. She definitely sorted us out!


I have candidiasis and am on the paleo diet to control the same. I am quite happy to be on the paleo diet, except that I only had a handful of recipes and was losing appetite due to lack of variety in the meat and vegetables that I prepared. I found the Organic Cook website on google, and was very interested to learn about the Food Consultation product. This involves menu planning and recipe development for special dietary requirements and food allergies. I decided to get in touch with Belinda Randell, and with her experience and skill of dealing with people with conditions similar to mine, she was able to give me a treasure of information, references, tips and suggestions that made an immediate impact and my plate is definitely looking more interesting thanks to her. It also helped to get in touch with her, as no matter how isolated my circumstances are, she was able to help me out and I would highly recommend this product to anybody struggling with a special diet. The resources are available, make use of them and be liberated!


I highly recommend The Organic Cook Company if you want to eat healthy, nutritious organic food cooked for you and with your input into the menu that suits you. Belinda and her chefs provide a terrific, speedy service with tasty food choices. Do yourself a favour and give her service a go. You will feel much better and will really notice the difference between quality food and fast foods.


Since my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor we have changed our diet to boost immunity and fight cancer. It was a welcome relief to find Belinda, as she knew exactly what kind of diet we were on. Our lives have been very stressful with two small kids and we needed to create space for our health and well being. We have enjoyed home cooked meals for several months and working with Belinda to create exciting and delicious menus has been a pleasure.


Belinda has cooked some great meals for me. I work in the city and also
train in the morning regularly at swim squad, so when I get home I need nutritious food. Belinda repares meals which I enjoy eating but are also really energizing and filling. They are simple for me to prepare when I get home so I don’t have to worry about what I’ll eat that night. Belinda has also cooked for my parents and work colleagues, and given generously to charities by donating her services to help AMP raise valuable funds for the CREATE Foundation.


I found Belinda from The organic cook website after visiting my naturopath
who prescribed me a strict paleo grain free diet which included nothing to be eaten from a can – even diced tomatoes. I have been suffering from severe food allergies, IBS and gut absorption and digestive issues for over 7 years after working in a stressful corporate office job. I found eating such a
restrictive diet very time consuming and boring. Coming up with a menu that is full of variety for the whole family was difficult. The organic cook has helped us immensely in this area in giving me fun, tasty and yummy food that is good for me. And it is so conveniently available – right in my own fridge!
Since eating the food now for 4 months, my health conditions have improved significantly and I’m learning to make smarter food choices when out. Belinda has been educating me along the way and is a font of knowledge of nutrition and organic foods. She is fantastic with creating fabulously yummy
menus with very restrcted ingredients. I highly recommend her service if you have challenging eating restrictions or just need help with family meals.


Initially we employed the services of The Organic Cook as a ‘back-up’ to keep healthy food at hand as an alternative to take away if we were home late.

Belinda has just come to our place for a second time and I am now eating the meals for lunch and dinner most days. Having struggled with weight and eating disorders most of my life, I feel better mentally and emotionally knowing I am putting the very best food and nutrients into my body. Physically I have more energy and wake up feeling light and energised, where I used to wake up feeling sluggish and tired. One of the things I have really noticed is that I am no longer looking for food all day. As I was eating a poor diet full of processed foods I was overeating and never satisfied. Since having Belinda’s meals and switching to organic products, I genuinely need to eat less food, yet I’m more satisfied. My husband and I are trying to conceive our first baby and it’s reassuring to know we are nourishing ourselves with the right food and nutrients at this early stage.

Having someone like Belinda in the house is always a pleasure. She’s great to chat to but I can also leave her alone to work her magic and come back to an abundance of meals and a pristine kitchen. The Organic Cook is a service I am truly grateful to have stumbled across.

Northern Beaches, Sydney 

I have been working in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. I work with a diverse range of people from professional and elite sports athletes to the elderly. I have seen many fads over the last 10 years and it is easy for people to get confused about to get there health on track. Belinda Randell will show you how eating can be healthy and enjoyable. She adds loads of variety into her menu’s and will educate you along the way. Long term you will learn the do’s and don’ts of healthy sustainable nutrition. Make no mistake about Belinda”s cooking it will keep you on top of the world!

(Lleyton Hewitt’s Personal trainer and health coach) Energise Health Management 

I stumbled across Belinda The Organic Cook when I was goggling for a personal chef for a dinner party I was hosting in January 2011. At around the same time I was recovering from my 10th failed IVF cycle to conceive my second child. I had also started seeing a nutritionist who gave me lots of great advice on eating organic foods and whole foods but been a full time working mum I didn’t have the time to source or cook the food I needed to improve my fertility to fall pregnant or let alone what to feed my family each night. After reading Belinda’s blog I hired her on the spot not for the dinner party but to cook 5 meals for my family each week. Her meals are wonderfully nutritious and generously proportioned so I have left overs for lunch. I love that there is a different menu each week and she comes to cook in my home . Shortly after Belinda starting cooking for us I feel pregnant on my 11th IVF cycle and she has been specially preparing meals for me and the baby during the pregnancy. I have even managed to not put on much weight this pregnancy and I’m sure Belinda’s meals have something to do with it. Belinda has been an incredible help for me this year and I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone in need of healing, healthy, homecooked meals.

Soon be mum of two after 15 IVF cycles all up and full time media executive 

We welcomed Belinda into our home to share some of her light, love and passion for not only organic, but healthy, wholesome & healing cooking. Belinda arrived with the most amazing box of fresh, colourful & gorgeous ingredients imaginable. The perfect start to what what a fun & inspiring cooking adventure! We learnt so much about the benefits of buying organic produce, what to look for & where to buy them. The healing benefits of plant foods, fresh spices & also things to avoid, and how to eat energy dense foods. The recipes we learnt were not only delicious but very simple to follow, which made it even more enticing to adapt these new eating habits into our life. My main aim for inviting Belinda into our kitchen was to open up my parents eyes and hearts to how important, simple and enjoyable organic whole foods can be. Belinda not only met my expectations, she exceeded them. I am forever grateful for her guidance and inspiration which will ensure our family live a long and healthy life.

Private cooking workshop client 

Belinda spent half a day teaching two generations how to cook with organic and whole food ingredients. Not only was it a pleasure to cook with her but we came away with new skills, new recipes and most importantly a new understanding of what the best foods are particularly for a currently ill member of our family. I recommend Belinda to anyone who is looking to improve there wellbeing through food or just wants to learn how to make different, wholesome and nutritious (and of course organic ) food. Belinda is a font of knowledge

Private cooking workshop client 

Since meeting Belinda I have really focused more energy on cooking nutritional and healthy meals for my family and I. At first I thought it was all a little too hard, but Belinda has given me some great ideas and recipes to use that are simple and tasty. I was so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism that I asked her to present to my clients an organic whole foods cooking and meal preparation workshop. Belinda’s personable and interesting presenting style ensured it was a success , and my clients all went home much informed and educated on meal planning and cooking. I would recommend Belinda to anyone looking to employ her services as a food coach or presenter.

Pure Fitness Manly 

Since meeting Belinda I have really focused more energy on cooking nutritional and healthy meals for my family and I. At first I thought it was all a little too hard, but Belinda has given me some great ideas and recipes to use that are simple and tasty. I was so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism that I asked her to present to my clients an organic whole foods cooking and meal preparation workshop. Belinda’s personable and interesting presenting style ensured it was a success , and my clients all went home much informed and educated on meal planning and cooking. I would recommend Belinda to anyone looking to employ her services as a food coach or presenter.

Pure Fitness Manly 

Even before I started a conversation with Belinda, requiring guest speakers to present at a conference in agriculture and food related health and vitality, I had an instant sense that I would discover a person that would bring intelligence, integrity, thoughtfulness, passion, compassion, knowledge and experience but not least personal interest and dedication into translating food as health and its role in the organic agriculture industry. She did not let me down and I recommend her as a guest speaker for her genuine nature and wealth of knowledge and experience in the organic food industry in Australia

Organic Agriculture Association 

Belinda ‘ The Organic Cook ‘ is an outstanding chef and educator and is passionate about helping clients to reach their optimal health. Belinda has conducted some informative and innovative workshops for PrimalFit and has provided her personal chef service for a number of our clients. I have no hesitation in recommending The Organic Cook’s first class service . If you want to improve your health, eat delicious meals or look after your family then I would encourage you to get in touch with her!


We are currently based in Norway, so when my cousin and her partner had premature twins in Sydney last year, I searched the internet looking for ways to get them some help, as like us they are from a close family. Belinda’s website and service was exactly what I was looking for so I contact her regarding her personal chef packages. She prepared a months delicious food in two packages and my cousin said they literally saved her life. I found Belinda a delight to deal with, we were able to confirm details by email and text and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to help loved one from afar. Thanks Belinda!

Stavanger Norway 

We had the moroccan lamb last night and it was delicious and definitely a favorite of Rob’s – none left for me for lunch today as he had two servings! All the other dishes have been lovely too – no complaints at all and the flavours are wonderful. No problems with defrosting and reheating so far either.


Belinda has been an invaluable resource for us during the last few months providing beautiful nutritious food during the later stages of pregnancy and then the first three months our son was born. To be able to open the fridge full of delicious freshly prepared organic food when you are exhausted is amazing. Not only were we nurtured through her imaginative menu but our newborn son was nurtured too. Belinda is a great cook, a font of healthy food knowledge and also a genuine, warm and lovely person to have around the house. If we could have Belinda live with us we would not hesitate. Thank you Belinda !


My apologies I haven’t been in contact with you to say a huge ‘thank you’. The food did make it safely to my sister’s and it is perfect. It is so handy to have the meals ready to go and know that they are organic, healthy and yummy to eat! Paul finally returned home from his 12 day stint at hospital on chemotherapy treatment and your cooking has allowed him to have wholesome meals as opposed to inedible hospital food. Thanks again for all your hardwork.. the planning… the shopping… conferencing and cooking


We love the meals, and use them for back up when we are working late, but to be honest it’s been hard not to eat them because they are so delicious!!!


The Organic Cook is the perfect solution for busy professionals. Belinda has been cooking for us an imaginative, strictly Vegan menu for us more than 12 months. Arriving home late, after a long day at work, to a house that smells like your mum has been in the kitchen baking, is wonderful. We couldn’t be happier.


What a beautiful afternoon Belinda! Thank you for sharing your delightful and inspiring view on food and amazing tasty cooking. We had a wonderful dinner.


Belinda put in a lot of effort to design a menu for us that would be easy for me to manage after a long day at work. I wanted to make really healthy, low-fat food but it also had to be really tasty – and that is exactly what I got. Belinda is a great teacher and all her meals were very simple and easy to prepare. I have no hesitation in recommending Belinda to people who want to look after their health and also eat great food.


Belinda Randell is the ‘Organic Cook par excellence’. I have been thoroughly impressed with her in-depth knowledge of food and their ingredients, her commitment to quality and her desire to help people to be as healthy as possible through food. Belinda easily communicates the value of food as joy, food as nourishment and food as healer and inspires through her enthusiasm. Working with Belinda has been wonderful: she listens carefully to what is needed, adds useful information and then presents the perfect finished product (thank you for the delicious blueberry muffins the other day). I would without hesitation recommend Belinda and her cooking, whether you are unwell and need a special diet or whether you just want to try out new and healthy cuisine.

Well For Life 12 Week Cancer, Healing and Wellbeing Programs 

I have been enjoying Belinda’s cooking for a couple of months now. The menu is tailor made for my family of four, and includes a wide variety of quality fresh food. The meals are healthy, organic, simple but with great variation of taste and style. My children have embraced Belinda’s food, and are inspired to try different things. My food budget is more manageable, and we have far less take-away. As a mother with Multiple Sclerosis I am comforted to know that my family’s diet is healthy, and that my own dietary needs are met with Belinda’s support. Belinda brings a wonderful feeling to the home when she is busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Michael, Liam (11), Harry (8) 

Due to chronic fatigue & specific food allergies, I was finding my new dietary recommendations very strict & challenging. Discovering Belinda was an amazing blessing, as she has a wealth of experience, and has many new & tasty recipe ideas which helped me keep to the diet. I’m so grateful to have organic healthy meals ready to go – all I need to do is make a salad or steam a few veggies! Belinda also clearly follows a healthy lifestyle herself, as she absolutely glows with vitality and good health! I enjoy working with Belinda and often feel inspired and motivated by her.


Thanks so much. I know I left the place in a pig-sty again—I’m so sorry. We haven’t hit the gratin yet but I will let you know when we do. The green salad was delicious and was great with the lasagne. I love the tabouli and we are going to use it with the falafel this week.I am working late every Tuesday for the next 12 weeks so I’m not going to see you for half a dozen visits—still it is lovely to come home to such delectable surprises.


Belinda has been a pillar of support during our time of need. Both her professionalism and compassion exceeded expectations. She provided a very valuable service to my Mother who was too unwell to cook and nurtured her with her nourishing meals and her caring manner.


Belinda has been cooking for my family for 1.5 years, she has changed our family life around meal times making life easier for our busy and demanding works schedules. Her nourishing and delicious food has dramatically improved our health and wellbeing. We are very grateful to have her in our life.


Belinda’s cooking and service is fantastic. I have been in the natural health industry for 17 years, love my food, have a specific diet and high expectations of what I eat. Belinda really delivered on all fronts. She was really attentive to my needs, gave me great options and variety and most of all it all tasted and looked great! Belinda delivered all my meals pre-prepared to my home, it was bachelor heaven.

Optimum Health Essentials