Our Team


Belinda Randell

Belinda Randell is the director and founder of The Organic Cook. She is a qualified chef and mother of  a young child and 2 teenage stepdaughters. Belinda is also highly sought after as an expert in recovery cooking for cancer, autoimmune disease, fertilty and post natal recovery. Belinda is motivated by organic and local food sources and has been eating organic food for 20 years.

After the birth of her child she was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Pyrolia which make her even more committed to a life time journey of food as medicine for herself and her clients. A dairy free and gluten free diet alongside meditation has been imperative to her ongoing healing and hopefully one-day recovery.

Belinda works alongside naturopaths, doctors, dieticians and complementary practitioners helping their clients heal using traditional food as medicine principles. She has serviced over 100 clients in the last 7 years as a professional personal chef working for high profile clients known in the media and also everyday busy families.

Client testimonials and praise can be read here.

In addition, Belinda is a certified Health Coach; having gained her credentials from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York (US) and holds a Certificate in Nutrition from Beck Health in Sydney. She has completed 2 years of a naturopathic degree and runs workshops in private and group settings around Sydney.


Patricia Frederick

Patricia is healthy foodie who has always been a keen cook from a young age. In 2001 she left a corporate career to pursue her foodie passions and completed the Cordon Bleu Grand Diploma as a qualified chef. After working in restaurants and hotels, Patricia started managing Commercial Kitchens within Sydney Boarding Schools. Working with students diets fired her passion for healthy diets and lead to more work in nutrition and creating healthier food for children aged from 12 to 18. Based on what Patricia was learning she wanted to expand her knowledge and started working as a Whole food Chef and started her own personal chef meal delivery service.

Patricia continued to build on her strong nutrition foundation to add to her ongoing work with food, and started studying nutrition. Patricia holds a certificate from Nature Care College in Sydney and is also a certified Health Coach; having gained her credentials from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York (US). Patricia is passionate about healthy food and is on a lifelong mission to help others eat the healthiest food possible, ensuring what we eat nourishes our bodies and not disease. Patricia works for our clients as a personal chef and also assist with recipe development for new products.


Deborah Phillips

Deborah has had a diverse career as a chef working in top hotels and restaurants in London, America and Australia. She enjoys the challenging environment that outside catering provides and has cooked at the top of the Tower Bridge in London, Wimbledon Tennis, Royal Ascot and Farnborough and Paris Air Shows, Luna Park and Clarke Island in Sydney. As part of this role, she has catered for many birthdays, weddings and other celebrations in private residences. Being highly organised and adaptive is the key to success in these situations. Deborah has always been interested in nutrition, first studying with the Royal Society for Health in London as part of her chef training and is currently studying Nutritional Medicine. Fitness and good nutrition has played a major part in keeping Deborah able to keep up with the demanding physical commercial kitchen environment. Food is the main focus of her life and she ensures that the diet she prepares is both delicious and nutritious. As both a cuisine and pastry chef, she has a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to ensure the recipes she provides and prepares are achievable and appealing. Having catered for many clients with dietary requirements and constantly staying informed of emerging research and advice from professionals, Deborah is able to cater for clients with health (and good flavours!) as their major priority and is embarking on a degree in Nutrition to further her passion for food and health. Deborah helps create amazing and delicious gluten and dairy free baking for us and also does recipe development.
We are currently looking for good reliable staff, qualified experienced chefs for freelance work and a marketing intern to work on upcoming projects.Please email us for more details belinda@theorganiccook.com.