How does The Organic Cook Personal Chef service work?

At The Organic Cook we offer a unique experience in your home to take the pressure off busy lives or to assist at times when you have particular requirements with your diet. No frozen meals delivered to your doorstep, no concerns about the ingredients or the preparation! Using our Personal Chef Service, everything is prepared fresh on-site in your kitchen.

4 easy steps…

  1. We work out an individual menu together.
  2. You choose a day for a chef to come and cook for you.
  3. Our chefs do all the shopping and then come to your place and cook for around 5 to 6 hours
  4. They leave you with a fridge and freezer filled with delicious, nutricious organic meals to eat at your convenience. AND they do all the clearing up!

What’s included in your package?

40 meals made up of mains, side dishes, salads and grains. Desserts come at an additional price if you require them.

How often will you require a personal chef?

It will depend on your family’s size and how often you eat the meals. For instance:

  • A family of 6 eating one meal each every day would require a weekly service.
  • A professional couple relying on the meals for lunch and dinner would need a fortnightly service.
  • Someone who travels frequently for work but likes to have the meals at home as a back up might only require a monthly service.

Discuss your needs with us and we can work out the best schedule for you.

Do you provide your own containers?

Yes. We encourage you to use glass Pyrex dishes and containers for the meals. These are not included in the price but can be purchased by clicking here. Alternatively most major supermarkets, department stores or specialty cooking outlets stock Pyrex.

You can choose from one of our four packages below:

Or, alternatively we can create tailor-made menu just for you based on your dietary requirements and nutritional needs. We’ll work with you to come up with delicious and nourishing meals specially designed to entice you.