Healthy tuna and spinach bake with spelt rigatoni and sourdough breadcrumbs


Returning home from a short easter break and missing cooking in my little kitchen I dug around my fridge and cupboard to find not much really! Hungry and craving some pasta I headed to the store and bought just a few ingredients to make a yummy nurturing pasta bake that I know all the kids will like and adults too.

When I have time on the weekends I often batch cook a red and green sauce and then pop into the freezer so I have on hand when I’m in need of a quick nutritious meal on the go. In this case I had a beautiful tomato, basil and chilli red sauce which I used for this dish. If you are time poor buy a good quality organic pasta sauce (without sugar) and add fresh herbs, garlic and chilli to spice it up.

In this recipe I also used a sustainable tuna from my organic shop, I used to use sirena italian tuna but did some research and realised the italian tunas are the most unsustainable on the market here s the below list from Green Peace rating tuna brands and sustainability