Gluten free orange almond and hazelnut teacakes

Gluten free rrange and almond hazelnut cake

After a longtime away from blogging due to a new pregnancy and nausea I’m now back in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

These beautiful tea cakes are inspired by my nana who provided the main ingredient that are the oranges that grow in her backyard. Not been a highly acclaimed baker I can testify these are very simple to make and are truly delicious – light and nutty.
It’s hard to stop at one (especially when your pregnant!)

We have a new cook on our team the gorgeous Lucia who is an italian girl specialising in gluten free baking, we may feature some of her recipes on our blog if she will let us!

This recipe can also be converted to a full cake and I’ll list instructions below.

You need to start in advance as the oranges take a few hours to cook down.