Braised gingered grass fed lamb shanks with fennel


These lamb shanks were braised for 5 hours and they were well worth it.The meat was so tender and just fell of the bone, I can imagine they could be used in a ragu too. My boyfriend and I both love lamb shanks so I was wanting to experiment with some different flavours and this is the result. This week my clients also enjoyed this spicy, yummy shank recipe.
Slow cooked meats are great for fertility and building immunity. Weston Price suggests grass fed meat are high in omega 3’s and also because the animals graze on grass they absorb the chlorophyll and minerals making it a healthier choice for cooking and nutrition. The stock can be saved and used again. I put mine into the freezer. The stand out ingredient of this is the balsamic vinegar which balances out the flavours. I did use a slow cooker in this recipe, but you don’t have to a heavy cast iron pot is fine.